Znowball was formed in 2007 amidst the indie scene boom leading by Fat radio. The two original members Ghun (guitar) and Mack (bass) got in contact via a musician website. The band releases an EP on Fat Fest 2007 and a mini album a year after, again at Fat Fest 2008.

The band had also participated in many music festival as Fat Fest and Kodeindy.

The first major label debut was a song 'ror dai mai' which hit a top ten chart of many radio stations.

The band then went on hiatus so each member could persuit their other musical career. Ghun established Ladaland production which produce many well known artist. Mack does a back up gig for artist and also worked with GMM on a few song arrangement. Ya (drummer) has his own sound system business.

After 2 years of hiatus, znowball finally came across a new singer (Max) and able to complete their lastest single 'pudchimnited' under a new label "Five Four Records"