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A familiar sound

Data Darancharas

Quality Sounds

An award winner singing who started her career as Thai's delegation to Baby VOX, a K-Pop girl group. Able to sing in Thai, English and Korean she will be releasing 5 singles in all 3 languages this 2018
If you like: Taylor Swifts, Dia Frampton, Ed Sheeran. You will like Data Darancharas

Mutmee Pimdao

Author, Artist, Actress, Singer, Songwriter

Talent musician who has her singing break in the most successful musical in modern Thai history with over 100 shows during its first run. She pens most of her own songs herself. She will be releasing 2 singles this 2018

If you like: Begin Again OST, Gabrielle Aplin, Damien Rice. You will like Mutmee Pimdao

Win Ratanapol

Guitar Hero

Win is a music industry veteran with over 10 years of experience. Started off as guitarist for Potato, a Thai rock band then started a band called R9. Now wanting to pursue his artistic aspiration, he chose become a single artist.

He has  a very distinctive vocal and guitar style. In 2018 Win will release 2 singles.
If you like: John Mayer, Jason Mraz, Radwimps. You will like Win Ratanapol


Simply Pop Rock

Karamail is a pop rock band with multiple hits such as “ทารุณ”, “เธออยู่ด้วยกัน”, “พูดถึงฉันว่าไง”, “วน” and many more. It’s approachable main theme of heartbroken love has touched millions of fans all over Thailand and it’s neighboring countries. The band has over 100 million cumulative YouTube views.

Karamail joined Five Four Records in 2018 and will release its first single with its new label in 2018

If you like : 3 Doors Down, The Calling, Nickleback. You will like “Karamail”

Nick Keerati

Five Four Records Original

A Co-Founder of Five Four Records with familiar originals such as ถาม feat. Pok Mindset and หยุดก่อน


Five Four Draft

An Alternative to alternative music


Znowball is an Indie Music scene veteran with over 10 years experience. Znowball is known for their inventive sound. They will release 2 exciting singles in 2018 with its first single in April 2018

If you like: The Script, Coldplay, Chainsmoker. You will like Znowball


HOMeRUN are three confident men who shares the same dream. HOMeRUN comprises of only 3 member an edgy drummer, a unique pianist and a powerful vocalist.They will release 3 singles this year. Their first single is "On the Way" a fast paced eloquent piece scheduled to release in January 2018

If you like: Rixton, Bump of Chicken, Maroon 5. You will like HOMeRUN


Founded by Graph, former Black Vanilla member with his high school band mates. They wanted to play in  the style of music that they grew up with in the 90s - Alternative Grunge Rock.

Kwanburee will release 5 Singles in 2018 with its first Single being a fast paced Grunge Rock in February 2018
If you like: Foo Fighters, Weezer, Teenage Fanclub. You will like Kwanburee

The 10th Saturday

Founded by music industry veterans (Potato, R9, Supersub) with its unique Synth tone, English lyric and individualistic band member characters, making this band standout.

The 10th Saturday is a touring band having played in Taiwan, Malaysia and Japan. They will release their first single with Five Four Records in March 2018 called "I.F."  They filmed their music video in Japan during one of their tours. 

They will release their first EP in the middle of 2018
If you like: Chvches, The Fin, The Naked and Famous. You will like The 10th Saturday


A Post Rock instrumental side project of three astonishing guitarists, Note (The 10th Saturday, R9, Potato) Ong (Ghost, AB Normal) and Graph (Kwanburee, Black Vanilla). They chose to express their music solely through instrumental pieces. They went on a well received tour in Japan at the end of 2018, as a result they will  be releasing their first single in February 2018
If you like: Mogwai, Caspian, Mono. You will like The NOG


Five Four Live Events

Concerts, Events and Music Festivals hosted by Five Four Records

NieR : Orchestra Concert
Live in Thailand

15 - 16 February 2020
at Prince Mahidol Hall, Mahidol University.

Ticket Sales Now at Eventpop.me 
Ticket Price 
Tier F 1,020 Baht / Tier E 1,500 Baht / Tier D 1,900 Baht
Tier C 2,300 Baht / Tier B 2,800 Baht
Tier A 3,200 Baht / Tier S (VIP) 4,500 Baht
Early Bird 30 November (10:00) - 15 December 
Tier F 950 Baht / Tier E 1,400 Baht / Tier D 1,750 Baht
Tier C 2,100 Baht / Tier B 2,450 Baht
Tier A 2,750 Baht / Tier S (VIP) 4,200 Baht
"Each VIP ticket will get one signature of each artist (4 artists total) to be signed on your item and one group photo with all the artists together"




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Dindaeng Bangkok 10400

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